30 April 2013

Transition Day

I (finally) finished the piece of boring crap -- I mean novel -- yesterday. It somehow went from a heartwarming (G-rated) romance in which two cousins try to get their grandparents to rekindle their love to a kidnapping plot which involves said cousins getting violently kidnapped by their aunt who is blackmailing their grandmother into poisoning their grandfather to death. The story's not resolved, but I hit 50,000 words, and that's all that mattered. However, if I get an idea of how the cousins get out of their current predicament (locked in a cellar under the watch of their aunt) and if I ever manage to figure out why the aunt is doing this, I might finish it.

Tomorrow kicks off Unofficial National Choreography Month (the official one is in January, but my choreographer friend and I missed it last year so we did ours in May and it stuck).

So I spent today, the day of limbo, madly trying to whittle down a 'to-choreograph' playlist from eight songs to a maximum of five, and preferably four.

The official list is as follows:

Going Public - Newsboys.
Tap dance. I think it's for eight.

Future Now - Prodigal.
Jazz dance for six. Also, I freaking love this song. I'm just scared I'm not going to be able to do it justice.

Youth With A Machine - Daniel Amos.
Jazz dance for four. This one kind of accidentally made it onto the list -- I had started out with A Sigh For You in the running, but somehow it morphed into this one.

Fade Into You - The Choir.
Another jazz dance for six. I love this song too.

Sanctuary - Daniel Amos.
Ballet dance for eight.

If my math is right (which it probably isn't), it works out to about eighteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds of music.

I also notice, with some degree of horror, that White Heart doesn't even have one song on this list. What the heck, self? However, I've been on a mad choreography binge for the past couple of weeks so I'm thinking (hoping) I might finish early. In that case, whatever song captures my attention is fair game.

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