27 September 2012

This Is Why I Still Live At Home

So my youngest brother is in the hospital overnight (please pray for him, by the way; this is the worst I've ever heard him), and I wound up watching the others until Dad got home from work. This requires me to cook supper.

The ensuing phone call to my mother went something like this...

Me: How far in advance do you have to start scalloped potatoes? That's what's on the menu.
(Clarification: Meals around here are planned out and posted on the fridge weekly.)

Mom: Actually, it's probably too late to start scalloped potatoes.

Me: So then what do I make?

Mom: You could have soup.

Me: I don't know how to make soup.

Mom: *sigh*

And now she'll be upset when they get home because she just cleaned the stove and of course the soup boiled over.

22 September 2012

Music Day

Yes I know, I missed Music Day. I had it all planned out too... but last night when I was supposed to write it I felt like crap, so it's a day late. (Incidentally, did you know that it's possible to experience salt withdrawal? Apparently it is. Methinks I should re-evaluate my eating habits.)

So I finally gave up on the bookstore and ordered the new Lecrae album from his website. The CD is still on its way, but I purchased the package that includes a free MP3 download (it was the same price as the CD-only and it was killing me that I hadn't heard it yet).

Let me get this out there right now -- this is a phenomenal album. Musically, it's on par with anything else out there. Very creative. It's obvious they put a lot of time and effort into it -- very refreshing, especially when you think about every other genre covered by 'Christian' artists (the same cookie-cutter acoustic guitar chords for thirteen songs in a row, anyone?). Seriously, though. Good stuff.

It should probably come as no surprise that Gravity (the track) is one of my favourites -- it's got kind of a retro video-game vibe (or maybe it's just me).

Free From It All hit me pretty deep. It reminds me of me, just it's not huge crowds that love me as long as I'm perfect... it's those who should love me unconditionally. It's frightening, in a way. And this song captures it so well.

Fakin' always makes me think of this one Calvin and Hobbes strip -- where Calvin asks his mom for money to buy a devil-worshipping, suicide-advocating heavy metal album, and his mom says, "Calvin, the only reason these bands haven't killed themselves in ritual self-sacrifice proves that they're just in it for the money like everyone else." (I hope that quote isn't copyright infringement.)

I personally find the tracks Violence and Mayday kind of annoying, but I think those are a little bit too modern for my ears. If you're into the current secular sound, these will probably really appeal to you. (Confe$$ions probably would fall into that category as well.)

And Buttons? Gah. Most adorable song ever. Mrs Lecrae is a very lucky woman.

I like the intro to I Know. It's... cute, almost (I realise I just alienated all the serious rap fans out there). Actually, I really like the music throughout the whole thing, especially the sound effects like you hear at the end. Lecrae's really feeling the rhythm here.

Lucky Ones. This one almost became today's featured song. Just listen to it. It's a beautiful song.

And now, for today's 'official' song...

Title: Falling Down
Artist: Lecrae
Album: Gravity
Year: 2012
Label: Reach Records
iTunes here; YouTube here.

Trip Lee is definitely on his game here. I like his part in this. Also, I like the part in the hook where Lecrae (finally) comes in -- I see the sky falling... and ain't no way to stop it...

Actually, it almost sounds like kind of a downer song (it's more of a warning than anything else -- reminds me of 2 Corinthians 5:20), but it's so catchy.

14 September 2012

Music Day

Heard this on the radio the other day.

Tap dance forthcoming. (Eventually. But hopefully rather soon.)

Title: Living The Dream
Artist: Downhere
Album: On The Altar Of Love
Year: 2011
Label: Centricity Music
iTunes here; YouTube here.

So. Catchy.

Luke 9:23. Matthew 13:44.

12 September 2012

Tap Shoes

Today I bought my first ever-pair of tap shoes.

Let me say that again -- TAP SHOES! :-D

Ninety-four dollars (ninety-eight with sales tax) (for comparison, my pointe shoes are $80 per pair), but they're TAP SHOES!

And now, all that choreography; all those brilliant ideas I've had -- dances to songs like His Heart Was Always In It, Invitation, Let The Children PlayBye Bye BabylonMore Sold Out (and that's just the White Heart)... Save Your Life, Ready Or Not, Somebody's Gonna Praise His Name, Walk Away From Love, Don't Waste Your Life, the 2010 remake of Angel Of LightI Want To Be A CloneNew Earth, everything -- all that is now within my reach!

The ultimate goal? Independence Day by White Heart. That will take SO much work and practice, but it will be SO worth it.

Classes start on Monday...

TAP SHOES! *squeals*

(I am such a dance nerd.)

10 September 2012

A Daydream

Lately I've been entertaining this idea -- kind of a daydream, but not really because at this point I'm not set on making it a reality (though it's appealing enough to be the basis of my Script Frenzy 2013 project).

But there are some times where I do want to make it a reality.

And it's this -- to own (or have a share in) a Christian record shop that carries all the good Christian rock, the 80's and the 90's, plus probably some of the newer stuff. A sort of buy-sell-trade place, since not a lot of the 80's stuff is in print anymore. And then I can not only have access to any of the albums I might like, I could make money off it too. There's a decent fanbase for this stuff if you know where to find it.

Not only that, but I could also get real creative and add a café and a stage. Like a real stage, without a massive grand piano sitting on it (it annoys me how Christian bookstores invite people to 'come play on our stage'... and then you're limited to only piano because that's all the space there is on the stage and you can't move the thing because it's invariably on a platform).

Yes. That would be lovely.

Oh, also, I could actually get albums the day they drop, too. That alone could be worth the cost of renting a space and paying employees and stocking the place.

Your suspicions are correct... this is indeed a thinly veiled rant.

The daydream is real (it has roots in April 2012), but the sarcasm is new.

See, Lecrae's crazy-ridiculous-intense-phenomal-highly-anticipated album Gravity released this past Tuesday, the fourth. On Thursday I went to the local Christian bookstore to buy it.

Not only was it not there, it wasn't even on their list of new releases this week. And I know it released in Canada because I previewed it on iTunes Canada early (really early) Tuesday morning. We asked the girl at the counter and she had no idea why it wasn't anywhere.

Now, what really bothers me is the fact that tobyMac's (also highly anticipated) album Eye On It, released the week before. And the music section in this particular venue is absolutely drunk on it. You can't blink without seeing another Eye On It cover somewhere. Okay, so maybe I really really really can't stand tobyMac to begin with, but even so, that's ridiculous.

So if you see Gravity for sale in central Alberta, let me know. I've had cash set aside for that album for weeks.

07 September 2012

Music Day

You know, it was really easy to do this when it was White Heart month. Now I have to take at least a week off of White Heart or else the whole point of designating it White Heart month in the first place is moot.

Ah, but I will make it. Somehow. There are '80's rock bands other than White Heart... and hey, this one has some new stuff on the iTunes Store! (Anniversary re-releases are the best.)

This entire album is phenomenal. I can't even recommend just one song, so I'm picking one at random here. (I'll probably wind up featuring another two or three songs from it eventually.)

I really like the intro on this song (synth work), and the vocals are probably one of his best (though there's a lot of that). And the drums in the 'pre-chorus' -- I've always liked those. After the fantastic opening, the chorus actually seems kind of anti-climactic. But the verses and the bridge are a treat.

Musically, it has kind of a haunting sound... I like that. And I like how the vocals bring it back to earth a little.

This is one of the best of the era.

Title: You Are My Rock
Artist: Petra
Album: This Means War!
Year: 1987
Label: Star Song
iTunes here; YouTube here (you may have to turn up your speakers a bit at the beginning).

Through the desperate night my soul cries out to You
Longing just to hear Your voice...

06 September 2012

September With A Vengeance

The first of September dawned autumn with a vengeance, blustery and cold. Technically it's still summer, but now -- all cheer! -- winter is coming and Christmas will be here again.

The furnace even ran the next morning, and rain and grey skies dominated the weekend.

I wonder why it is that the cold weather makes everything seem cosier and more inviting. Like you're wrapped up in a quilt with a tea even though you haven't had a tea in weeks and are in fact freezing because everybody else in the house still insists on opening the windows and blasting the electric fan.

There's something about the first days of autumn, I've noticed, that makes music seem better than normal. Stuff like Petra's album This Means War!, 1980s music, and almost anything by David Meece seems particularly warm against the biting wind. Looking out the window by the table when I'm working on choreography is a far more absorbing activity now. Lightly fluttering green leaves in the sunlight are lovely, but boring. Trees bent sideways by the storms that dive-bomb us through the summer are disconcerting. But trees with still-green leaves blowing nicely in a stiff wind and a grey-white sky that could almost hold snow... this is the best of both worlds. This is the backdrop to a daydream.