29 March 2012

An Announcement

Hi everyone! Quick post today...

I've just opened an Etsy shop here:


Do please check it out and buy something if you can. I'm hoping to use the income from this to pay for distance courses on Benesh Movement Notation (dance notation).


20 March 2012

The Epicness Of White Heart -- Explained

Me explaining the choreography I'm working on to my mother:

Mom: So how much do you have left in this song?

Me: This is the end of the second chorus.

Mom: Oh, so you're almost done then?

Me: Well, there's a guitar solo and then the bridge and then another guitar solo and the ending (which is basically another guitar solo).

...And that is why White Heart is the best band ever.

18 March 2012

Let's Get Upset -- A Playlist (AKA Belated Music Day)

Over the past few weeks I've put together a little 'Rally for Parental Rights/General Freedom In This Country' pump-up playlist. For your enjoyment, I've posted the details below.

(Note that it's not really in any kind of order because the list got kind of big kind of fast and I didn't want to mess around with that much copying and pasting right now. Also, all links go to YouTube.)

Let's Get Upset
DeGarmo & Key, 1989 Power Discs (The Pledge)
Let's get upset
And turn this country upside down
Let's get upset
With Jesus' help we'll turn this land around...

Get On Your Knees And Fight Like A Man
Petra, 1987 Star Song Records (This Means War!)
Get on your knees
And fight like a man
He'll put up strongholds if you just believe He can
Your enemy
Will tuck his tail and flee
Get on your knees
And fight
Like a man

This Means War!
Petra, 1987 Star Song Records (This Means War!)
This means war
And the battle's still raging
And now both sides are waiting
The Victor is sure
And the victory's secure

Apathy Alert
DeGarmo & Key, 1985 Power Discs (Commander Sozo & The Charge Of The Light Brigade)
My heart goes searching for a place to hide
I hear a voice of warning down inside
Apathy alert
I hear the voice inside shouting to my heart
Apathy alert
It's time to do what's right
It's time for me to do my part

Stand In The Gap
Petra, 1988 Star Song Records (On Fire!)
Stand in the gap
Coming boldly to His throne of grace
Stand in the gap
He will hear you when you seek His face
Put your weapon to its use
And believe it will produce
Stand in the gap
Until all hell
Until all hell breaks loose

Angel Of Light
Petra, 1981 Star Song Records (Never Say Die)
Angel of light
You're telling me wrong is right
But you only bring darkness to my soul

Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened
Petra, 1987 Star Song Records (This Means War!)
Don't let your heart be hardened
Don't let your love grow cold

Pray For Rain
PFR, 1992 Vireo Records (Pray For Rain)
I pray for rain to come
And wash away what has made me numb...

Great Expectations
Steven Curtis Chapman, 1999 Sparrow Records (Speechless)
Lord we come
With great expectations

Who Owns You
White Heart, 1992 Star Song Records (Tales Of Wonder)
Tell me you owns you baby
Tell me you owns you now
Tell me who owns the key
To your captive heart
Tell me who owns you baby
Tell me do you even know...

Armed And Dangerous
Petra, 1991 Star Song Records (Beyond Belief)
Armed and dangerous
God's enemies will scatter
Armed and dangerous
We'll see the darkness shatter...

Petra, 1991 Star Song Records (Beyond Belief)
Persecution only makes us grow
They've got my number it's no surprise
I'm here and wearing no disguise
I won't go underground
I won't turn and flee
I won't bow the knee
And I'm not ashamed of the cross I claim

I Am On The Rock
Petra, 1991 Star Song Records (Beyond Belief)
I shall not be moved
Cause I am on the Rock

Greater Is He
Peter Furler (feat. Phil Joel and Bill Furler), 2011 Sparrow Records (On Fire)
Greater is He that is in us
Then he that's in this world

Lost The Plot
Newsboys, 1996 Star Song Records (Take Me To Your Leader)

I'm Not Ashamed
Newsboys, 1992 Star Song Records (Not Ashamed)
I'm not ashamed to speak the name
Of Jesus Christ

Stay Strong
Newsboys, 2003 Sparrow Records (Greatest Hits)
Stay strong you are not lost
Come on fix your eyes ahead
Our Father's dawn will light our day

God Is Not A Secret
Newsboys, 1996 Star Song Records (Take Me To Your Leader)

Freedom Battle
Michael W. Smith, 2000 Reunion Records (Freedom)

How Long?
Michael Card, 1990 Sparrow Records (The Way Of Wisdom)

Wake The Dead
John Schlitt, 1995 Word Records (Shake)
There's too much to do to just walk away...

Free The Fire In Me
The Imperials, 1988 Myrrh Records (Free The Fire)
Like a torch that's passed for eternity...

Causin' A Commotion
Greg Sczebel, 2009 Soultone Records (Love & The Lack Thereof)

DeGarmo & Key, 1985 Power Discs (Commander Sozo & The Charge Of The Light Brigade)
Who's gonna show the world that more excellent way
Who'll be black and white
When everyone wants to be grey
Who's gonna go and tell them that Jesus still lives
Who's gonna go and tell them that He will forgive
Fill my heart
With strength from above
Lord take away all of my apathy
And give me the courage to love

If God Is For Us (Who Can Be Against Us?)
DeGarmo & Key, 1989 Power Discs (The Pledge)

Connie Scott, 1985 Image 7 Records (Spirit Mover)
Satan may be strong
But our Lord is stronger still
So put His armour on
And take up His sword and shield...

Slow Fade
Casting Crowns, 2007 (The Altar And The Door)
It's a slow fade
When black and white have turned to grey
And thoughts invade
Choices are made
A price will be paid
When you give yourself away
People never crumble in a day
It's a slow fade

Bye Bye Babylon
White Heart, 1989 Sparrow Records (Freedom)
Now people study me
I'm a part of history
Oh did we leave them another Babylon...
If God is not your strength and song
It's goodbye

Revival In The Land
Carman, 1989 Benson Records (Revival In The Land)

Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Avalon, 1997 Sparrow Records (A Maze Of Grace)

If My People Pray
Avalon, 1999 Sparrow Records (In A Different Light)
If My people pray
Reach for Me with hearts
That are broken
I will not forget what I've spoken
Come and seek My face...

John Piper, 2007 Desiring God Ministries (1031sermonjams.com)

Make War
Tedashii (feat. Flame), 2010 Reach Records (Identity Crisis)

Lecrae, 2008 Reach Records (Rebel)
If what's true for you is true for you and what's true for me is true for me, what if my truth says yours is a lie?
Is it still true?

Lecrae, 2008 Reach Records (Rebel)

Whole World
Petra, 1986 Star Song Records (Back To The Street)
And He's still got the whole world in His hands
And only He knows where the sparrow lands
And nothing in this world can stop His plans

Shakin The House
Petra, 1986 Star Song Records (Back To The Street)
Everything that can be shaken will be shaken from within
Better have your house in order when the shaking begins...

No Weapon Formed Against Us
Petra, 1989 Word Records (Petra Praise... The Rock Cries Out)
No weapon formed against us shall prosper
All those who rise up against us shall fall
I will not fear what the devil may bring me
I am a servant of God
I am a servant of God

Bema Seat
Petra, 1983 Star Song Records (Not Of This World)

Pied Piper
Petra, 1983 Star Song Records (Not Of This World)
Pied piper
Wanting them all to follow you
Knowing not where you lead them to
But all the time you're leading them astray...
(This one's for you, Minister Lukaszuk.)

PFR, 1996 Vireo Records (Them)
And the band marches on and on and on without slowing
And the leader leads them on and on and on without knowing
Never looking back to see the mess that they have left behind
It's all too clear the wealths of violence and sexual perversion
Offer more than just some innocent psychological diversion...

Tumblin' Down
David Meece, 1985 Myrrh Records (7)

Over You
David Meece, 1993 Star Song Records (Once In A Lifetime)
There's nothing there's no one there's no other lord over You

David Meece, 2002 Aluminum Records (There I Go Again)
Oh run
Through the mouth of death to the Risen One
Oh run

Dancing With The Enemy
David Meece, 2002 Aluminum Records (There I Go Again)

Raise These Arms
David Meece, 2002 Aluminum Records (There I Go Again)
Now it's time we stop pretending
Time we get up on our feet and say
Hey hey...
I will raise these arms
In the field and in the vineyard
With the servants of the Lord

How Long Will Be Too Long?
Michael W. Smith, 1990 Word Records (Go West Young Man)
How long
Will we drink from the chalice of indifference?

Raging Of The Moon
White Heart, 1992 Star Song Records (Tales Of Wonder)
Thank God the world's been saved
Marx is in his grave
The hammer and sickle lay broken on the ground
If we're through with history
Then why this misery
Oh we must awaken...

White Heart, 1992 Star Song Records (Tales Of Wonder)
Vendetta against
The raging world
Vendetta against
The lies we've heard
Vendetta led by love not hate
It's the only way
The pattern breaks

More Sold Out
White Heart, 1987 Sparrow Records (Emergency Broadcast)
Are they working harder at what we think is wrong
Than we are at what we know is right
Sold out
They might be sold out to sin
Sold out
Better take a look inside, what do you see
Are you and me
More sold out to Him?

Excuse Me, Forgive Me
White Heart, 1993 Star Song Records (Highlands)
Excuse me forgive me
I'm certain that you do see
It's one or the other
No they're not together

Power Tools
White Heart, 1989 Sparrow Records (Freedom)
You gotta open your eyes
You better know who's making all the rules
Is he a man of God
Or just a baby with some power tools?

Go Down Nineveh
White Heart, 1982 Home Sweet Home Records (White Heart)

White Heart, 1985 Home Sweet Home Records (Hotline)
Who's gonna stand up

Keep Fighting The Fight
White Heart, 1985 Home Sweet Home Records (Hotline)

Counsel Of The Holy
Petra, 1988 Star Song Records (On Fire!)

The Flame Passes On
White Heart, 1993 Star Song Records (Highlands)

No Other Hope
David Meece, 2002 Aluminum Records (There I Go Again)
There is no other hope but You
(No one else to cry to now)
No other thing that we can do but turn to You
There is no other trust and truth
(No one else can help us now)
There is
No other hope but You

To The Glory Of God
David Meece, 1989 Star Song Records (Learning To Trust)
To the glory of God
Next time I fly it will be
To the glory of God
I want my whole life to be
To the glory of God

The Unknown Soldier
David Meece, 1985 Myrrh Records (7)

The Battle Belongs To The Lord
Petra, 1989 Word Records (Petra Praise... The Rock Cries Out)

Salvation Belongs To Our God
Petra, 1989 Word Records (Petra Praise... The Rock Cries Out)

Petra, 1983 Star Song Records (Not Of This World)
Don't want to be a man-pleaser
I want to be a Godpleaser
I just want to do the things that please the Father's heart...

People of Canada, we are not yet living in a censored country. Make the most of that freedom while you still can so that it stays that way.

16 March 2012

Kicking Things Up A Notch... Again

Even after the rally on 5 March which boasted an attendance of approximately five hundred people (rather good considering there's almost no parking at the Legislature and it was the only cold-ish day we've had all 'winter'), the Premier of Alberta and the Minister of Education refuse to hear our concerns and continue to only patronise and mock us. (Odd that; considering nearly all of Alberta is against this thing by now -- I hear that even a few MLAs have said outright they won't run for this party again because of this.)

As such, there's going to be another rally at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton on 19 March (details here). This time it's put on by the HSLDA -- the Homeschool Legal Defence Association of Canada. (The last rally was from the Alberta Home Educating Association -- the province-wide people, in other words. The HSLDA are the proverbial 'big guns' here.)

This is a big deal. The president of the HSLDA is flying out here from London for this.

We need thousands of people to be there on Monday, starting at 10.30 am. (The main bit of the rally is slated to take place at twelve noon.)

Apparently the Bill could, if the hearts of the Premier and the Education Minister continue to be hardened, pass into law as early as Tuesday, the 20th of March. We cannot let this happen.

If you are anywhere even semi-close to Alberta, please consider making the trip out here and joining me and my family and friends in the several thousand. Take the day off work if at all possible, drive several hours if that's how long it'll take you to get here. Invite as many people as you can... this concerns all present and future parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings -- not just homeschoolers.
Our freedom, and more importantly our children's freedom -- perhaps yours as well, depending where you live -- depends on this. We would be so encouraged if you could come and support us in this.

But whether you can physically join us on Monday or not, we ask that you please pray. The same God who put the mountains in place six thousand years ago, the same God who breathed the sun into existence, the same God who holds the entire universe in the span of His hand at this very moment is the same God who hears us pray today. Let us not grow weary in working to bring the glory of His name to the next generation of children.

To get up to speed on the situation, read AHEA's blog here and the HSLDA's blog here (note that the post on the HSLDA site labeled 'HSLDA Launches Appeal To Supreme Court' is about an unrelated case, but almost everything else on there right now deals with the situation in Alberta).

There are also information sessions to be held in both Calgary and Edmonton on Saturday the 17th -- details on the event page.

Apologies that this has suddenly become a political sort of blog. (I'm not that much of a nerd, honest!) However, I think the freedom of my country for future generations is an issue of paramount importance -- especially since that 'future generation' may well include children of my own and if/when I do have children, I want the freedom to raise them as I see fit.

10 March 2012

What I've Learnt In The Past Week

When I get mad at the political situation in this province, I tend to do one of two things:

1. Quote DeGarmo & Key.
2. Quote White Heart.

You know you're a music nerd when...

09 March 2012

Music Day -- And An Urgent Request

(I had a different Music Day post all ready -- complete with pictures and everything. I spent more than five hours on the stupid thing. Oh wait, heaven forbid Blogger can just put one line of text right underneath the picture, not ten tab-returns below it or beside it. So now I guess you can just read part of the text because I refuse to blow the rest of my sleeping night swearing at Blogger. I might post the pictures part later when Blogger decides it has a brain behind its operation.)


(*painstakingly pieced together photo montage with scary-appropriate captions that won't work goes here*)


The government of Alberta is taking measures to censor Christianity and erase all moral and ethical code.

In fact, it's not just Alberta. Ontario has already passed similar legislation and I think at least two other provinces have done the same. This is going to sweep Canada unless the body of Christ suits up and comes to fight. This is clearly the work of Satan, trying to make sure the future generations of Canada will not ever get the chance to hear of the just, merciful, loving, holy, majestic God who created them.

Please pray this will not come to pass. That the church of Alberta will rise up and protest -- with love and respect, but also firmly.

And we need your help now. Yes, yours.

Whether or not you homeschool your children, whether or not you even have any children, whether or not you live in Canada, whether or not you're a Christian, today is your day to speak up.

I post this at approximately 2.00 am Mountain Standard Time on the ninth of March. Two of the legal representatives of homeschooling in Canada have declared the ninth of March as a day when the pressure on the Canadian government is turned up -- substantially.

They -- we -- are asking that everyone who is concerned about this, no matter for what reason or where they live, to contact the Premier of Alberta or the Minister of Education today and respectfully make their opinions known. There has already been a phoning and letter-writing blitz going on this week, but it's only been amongst Albertans. Since the Premier and the Minister of Education continue to push for this legislation with alarming determination, we are inviting Canada, North America, the world, to join us.

I'll be posting some links below that outline the specific situation. Suffice to say, if this legislation gets passed, all I can see is Nazi Germany all over again. One of the governmental higher-ups was even quoted as saying, "(Whatever the nature of schooling -- homeschooling, private school, Catholic school -- ) we do not tolerate disrespect for differences." (Emphasis mine.)

Of course the statement was later 'retracted,' but if that doesn't sound like Hitler, I don't know what does.

Please pray. The freedom of Alberta, indeed of Canada as a whole, hangs in the balance. Not just for Christians, but for everyone who doesn't fit the 'Aryan' mould our government clearly intends to impose on us.

Now for the song (I had a nice segway here but it wouldn't have made sense without the pictures).

The other day on the commute from dance, while listening to the ShufflePod (as I call it now -- the iPod nano I listen to on shuffle), this track came on. And immediately I thought of music day.

So here it is.

Title: WAR
'Artist': John Piper
Year: 2007
Listen to and download the free MP3 here. YouTube here.

I'll let the track speak for itself... all I can say is it's powerful.

Again, please help us put pressure on the Alberta government to retract the changes to Bill 2. Whether you pray for the softening of hearts or you actually make a phone call or send an email, I as a homeschool graduate, a Canadian, and a Christian, on behalf of my Christian homeschooling parents, my Christian homeschooled siblings, and all my Christian homeschooled friends, thank you in advance.

Contact information:
Honourable Thomas Lukaszuk, Education Minister
423 Legislature Building
10800 - 97 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5K 2B6
Phone: (780) 427-5010
Fax: (780) 427-5018

Premier Alison Redford
Office of the Premier
Room 307, Legislature Building
10800-97 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2B7
Phone: 780-427-2711 (ask to be connected with the Premier’s Office)
E-mail: Use this form.

Links explaining the details of the situation:
Both pages also contain links to other very informative articles.

03 March 2012

Music Day

So, um... I have no idea what to write because my brain thinks it's Thursday and it's trying to accomplish choreography before I go to bed tonight which has to be before one o'clock because I have to get up early for a funeral tomorrow... so in lieu of me rambling about memories associated with the song, today I will post a picture:

Photo and editing by Kate.

And now the song:

Title: In The Light
Artist: Charlie Peacock
Album: Love Life
Year: 1991
Label: Sparrow Records
iTunes here... not on YouTube.

Most people probably know this song from the dc Talk cover of it in the late nineties, but this is the original -- Charlie Peacock is the composer.