Personal Favourites

Rather self-explanatory I think -- some posts I personally think came off rather well.

The reason I'm pursuing a career in the arts. (December 2014)

The one that everybody's seen (at least in the DA fan community) -- A.K.A. Kate's official review of Daniel Amos' album Dig Here Said The Angel. (June 2013)

The one that is perhaps Kate's favourite on the blog thus far. (August 2013)

The one which chronicles Kate's very short-lived patronage of (March 2011)

The nearly-obligatory Alberta-dweller's post griping about highway construction. (May 2011)

The one starring a long-jumping mouse. (June 2011)

The piece about a hug. (September 2011)

The one written in memory of a great-aunt. (February 2012)

My Story So Far
A collection of standalone posts I've written that are part of what I consider my story (because everyone has a story -- mine just happens to include pursuing my calling as an artist in the face of abuse, perfectionism, and suicidal depression). I'll be adding to this section as I get more key events written.

That one time I almost died... twice (December 2009)
The catalyst (June 2010)