05 August 2010

August Writing

It turns out I am writing another novel in a month. This time it's a suspense sort of thing.
The basic premise is there are these two guys, best friends. One day they're hanging out, no big deal, with a local girl. They've known her for a while, although neither of them are very close to her.
As the conversation progresses, though, one of the guys ends up in an argument with the girl. He loses his mind and, in a fit of pique, kills her before his best friend's eyes. When he comes to his senses, he panics and flees the scene.
The story picks up again seven years later.
The girl's murderer has yet to be found. The witness had fled the country, unable to bring himself to turn in his best friend. And that friend, although still in the area, has been laying low and has, so far, escaped the reach of the investigation.
And that's all I've plotted so far. It's turning out to be a real problem because I'm supposed to have 8,335 words by today's end and I'm only at 7,192. And I'm thoroughly exhausted; I can hardly see the screen to type this.
I doubt I'll have enough plot to make 50,000 words at this point -- the murder scene was rather the pivotal scene; the one that drives the book. And I've already finished writing it. Everything after that scene is comprised mostly of the characters' boring internal monologues as far as I can tell.
Well, I suppose it's still only Day 5. We'll see what brilliant plot piece my brain can come up with in the next several days.