03 March 2012

Music Day

So, um... I have no idea what to write because my brain thinks it's Thursday and it's trying to accomplish choreography before I go to bed tonight which has to be before one o'clock because I have to get up early for a funeral tomorrow... so in lieu of me rambling about memories associated with the song, today I will post a picture:

Photo and editing by Kate.

And now the song:

Title: In The Light
Artist: Charlie Peacock
Album: Love Life
Year: 1991
Label: Sparrow Records
iTunes here... not on YouTube.

Most people probably know this song from the dc Talk cover of it in the late nineties, but this is the original -- Charlie Peacock is the composer.


Anonymous said...

If you like snow, I'll gladly give you all the snow we have here where I live. Over the past 3 days we've had roughly 18 inches of it. Bleh, I don't like snow. =p

Kate said...

Oh, I will definitely take it. :-) I adore snow.