27 September 2012

This Is Why I Still Live At Home

So my youngest brother is in the hospital overnight (please pray for him, by the way; this is the worst I've ever heard him), and I wound up watching the others until Dad got home from work. This requires me to cook supper.

The ensuing phone call to my mother went something like this...

Me: How far in advance do you have to start scalloped potatoes? That's what's on the menu.
(Clarification: Meals around here are planned out and posted on the fridge weekly.)

Mom: Actually, it's probably too late to start scalloped potatoes.

Me: So then what do I make?

Mom: You could have soup.

Me: I don't know how to make soup.

Mom: *sigh*

And now she'll be upset when they get home because she just cleaned the stove and of course the soup boiled over.

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