12 April 2013

Music Day

Hey, we all miss Rick Florian, right?

Ahem... Right?

Well, here's a little something to tide us over while we wait for the new album. (*cough*) (Come on, guys, you need to get started on that before my typing fingers get completely hoarse.)

Anyway... it was his birthday the other day (not that I'm obsessive or anything -- honest), so I was listening to White Heart (like I needed an excuse), and then I remembered seeing on the White Heart Facebook page something about 'Rick Florian/Neverlost.' So I Googled it. And after an hour or so of scouring iTunes and other various music sites, I found it:

Title: Simon Says
Artist: Billy Smiley
Album: Neverlost
Year: 2002
Label: Cul De Sac Records
iTunes here. Not on YouTube (of course). (I'm starting to think YouTube has a grudge or something... what thinkest thou?)

The whole album isn't Rick (actually, if I understand correctly it mostly showcases the talents of a certain Andy Joslin), but this song is. Definitely the voice we know and love. And I love the production on that vocal track -- the echo (reverb? I can't think of the technical term for this) throughout, and the heavy processing on the line Simon says is what Simon does. Sonically/production-wise, it's like the 21st century version of the song Inside (White Heart, 1995).

Man, I miss that voice.

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