15 April 2013

Closer To The Dream...

Yesterday I showed the skeleton of the Eighth Wonder choreography to the 'head' of the dance team (there's two of them. I just realised this makes a really weird mental picture. Moving on...).

She seemed to quite like the choreography (I was actually pleasantly surprised at such an enthusiastic reaction), which was a huge weight off my shoulders -- a weight that I didn't even realise was there. I'd never really showed a decent contiguous chunk of my choreography to anyone, except the other head of the dance team back when Eighth Wonder was only a week old (she also had a favourable reaction, but the choreography at the time was rather disjointed because it was still so new even to me and I felt she didn't get a very accurate picture of it). To get such a favourable reaction to the sequencing and progression of it was actually kind of startling to me. I was definitely expecting something along the lines of 'bo-ring!'

That said, my technique sucks. I mean, I knew that already, but still. Part of it was sheer exhaustion -- what was in my head a slow gentle ballet is apparently in actual practice a full-on cardiac workout with oxygen deprivation provided free of charge. Either this dance takes way more effort than it should or I need to buy some stamina somewhere because I was ready to drop halfway through the first run-through.

Also, I definitely nailed my insane-beat-from-attitude-derriere! I had originally put in there forgetting I was supposed to perform this myself, in the very near future, with my limited abilities, and only once I had long since built on it did I realise how insanely complex that move was. Still, lacking any other ideas, I left it in, as a placeholder if nothing else. But today I tried it and I totally nailed it! I just can't believe it's even physically possible, never mind for someone as not-light-and-airy as me. Maybe my stuff isn't completely impossible after all... at least not for everyone.

So I need to work on turnout, being more light and airy, not overturning that one fouette in the second chorus, and not rushing the music (which in turn should help me actually stay on balance). Plus I need to refresh my memory on that part at the end of the second chorus that I couldn't seem to remember for the life of me and I need to figure out what I'm doing with that weird thing that was formerly a standing fouette (choreographed in the same spell of insanity as the beat-from-attitude). And I need to choreograph the last twenty seconds and add some actual arm movements to this thing.

And also, she liked the song. That alone pretty much made my day.

Man... it's really happening. This choreography-stage thing is seriously actually happening. Last year at this time I had only just finished my first-ever piece and now I'm getting (an apparently decent) one staged. Holy cow.

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