05 April 2013

Music Day

This is probably the longest English-language song title in the history of the world. And also one of the hardest to define. Crazy, ridiculous. Completely nonsensical. And yet intriguing...

Seriously, I bought this song for the song title alone (well, okay, that and the insane guitar work in the chorus).

Title: I Had A Bad Experience With The CIA And Now I'm Gonna Show You My Feminine Side
Artist: The Swirling Eddies
Album: Zoom Daddy
Year: 1994
Label: Alarma Records
iTunes here; live version on YouTube here (complete with the story of how the song got its name).

He says in the video that the rule was that he wasn't supposed to make it funny... I'm thinking once you've read the song title (which apparently wasn't his idea), it's too late, it's already funny and there's nothing the lyrics can do to counteract it. But that's okay, because who doesn't like funny stuff?

As a general rule I haven't gotten into The Swirling Eddies much (yet...) -- the lyricism is genius (of course it is, this is Terry Scott Taylor) (yes, the guy from Daniel Amos), but the arrangements tend to annoy me. I would totally buy Hide The Beer, The Pastor's Here because those lyrics are also genius, but musically I can't even stand the iTunes preview of it... sigh... Perhaps the sound is an acquired taste. Good thing there's also Daniel Amos so I can still get my genius-lyrics fix without driving my eardrums crazy.

No matter, this particular song is great and dude, when you watch the YouTube video, watch his left hand during the chorus -- is that not impressive? And he doesn't even glance over to check it! This awestruck reaction may be because I have never touched a guitar in my life, but the fact that I've never seen anything like that before in all my music-nerdy YouTube-watching suggests to me that it takes some serious skill. Plus, it just sounds really really cool.

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