08 May 2013

'Other' Choreography Month - Day Seven Recap

For the first three days or so of May, I worked on the tap dance to Going Public, however, I got sick of the song and my brain was starting to hurt from trying to keep up with formations and counts and everybody in the dance had somehow ended up doing stuff completely different from everybody else.

So before my brain shorted out and froze me for the next twenty-seven days, I began work on Youth With A Machine.

I still can't figure out how this one even got into the setlist. Literally the day before the contest it had been a toss-up between A Sigh For You and The Twist (same guy, different band). I have no clue where Youth With A Machine came from.

But it makes a decent jazz dance, and I'm currently trying to come up with something for the guitar solo.

As cool as guitar solos are to listen to (when they're done well), I hate choreographing them. It's much the same as choreographing a fadeout... there's nothing to advance the 'story,' so it ends up being meaningless pirouettes and pas de bouree piques and probably a half a dozen random flying hops. Except the speed and intricacy of the guitar solos in the music I tend to choreograph requires something more... intense. So what does my brain default to? Melodramatic modern dancing.

If there is any dancing I despise watching, it's modern dancing, and especially the melodramatic stuff where the dancer goes out of their way to make sure you know it's about pain -- they grimace, they cover their faces, they fall as if they've been shot and then writhe around on the floor in positions so inhuman they no longer impress, they only sicken. Why this is my mental default, I don't know. I never watch the stuff if I can avoid it. But it is, and I would rather do pretty much anything except contribute to such a falsely 'powerful' genre. So I try to come up with something, anything, less insipid and insulting to the (hopefully eventual) audience's intellect than that.

Unfortunately, in order to stay on track for this month, I had to finish this dance on Day Seven. Seeing as it is currently 10.37 pm on Day Eight, I'm now behind. And I have the sinking feeling that this was the easiest dance I'd had lined up for this month...

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