24 May 2013

Music Day

I can't quite put my finger on why I like this song so much. It's not stereotypically-in-your-face eighties (though anybody who knows music could place the decade with no trouble). I don't have a particular standout memory attached to it (yet). But the guy can sing and the guitar groove of this thing is crazy infectious.

Now that I listen to it again, I'm really curious as to who plays that guitar -- the whole guitar track of this song is quite good, and on most songs I just see the guitar as (mostly unnecessary) background noise, far behind the bass, the keyboard/synth, and the drums. I know you need the guitar to fill in the mix, but usually guitar just doesn't capture me the way the bass and the keyboard do. However, this one does.

And actually, as I'm listening to the song, the version on YouTube sounds slightly different from the one I know, the one that I bought from iTunes after hearing it several times on classicchristian247.com. Just near the end... it's like the mix is slightly different. Or maybe I just hadn't picked up on those tracks in the song yet and they've always been there.

Title: Lookin' For The Light
Artist: David Martin
Album: Stronger Than The Weight
Year: 1985
Label: Home Sweet Home Records.
iTunes here; YouTube here.

Just looked it up... according to Discogs, the guitarist is Jon Goin. I've heard of him, though I'm currently drawing a complete blank on the artists/albums he's worked with... looking through the list on Discogs now, I see quite a few albums I recognise -- Silverwind's Set Apart, Michael W. Smith's Project, Rich Mullins' Winds Of Heaven, Stuff Of Earth, quite a bit of Steve Green, a bunch of Don Francisco...

Well, there we go. I learnt something today.

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