10 May 2013

Music Day

So! Music day.

(I seriously just realised it was Friday.)

Just a little something I found on the 500 Greatest Christian Albums blog. The title of this song intrigued me and the preview was awesomely eighties, so I bought it.

Title: Radio Bikini
Artist: Magdallan
Album: Big Bang
Year: 1992
Label: Intense Records
iTunes here; YouTube here. (Note that the song fades in. Keep a hand on the volume button.)

I love the ending -- the very, very ending, after the chorus repeats and everything have ended, after the guitars and the drums have faded, leaving just the keyboard (I think it's a keyboard), playing that little phrase a couple of times, with a little echo. I don't know why. I just love that part.

I think this song is going to wind up being the soundtrack to my summer. Or at least some beach party or something.

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