11 May 2013

And Now, A Commercial

(Note: It's not an actual commercial -- no money's changing virtual hands here. I'm just a fan.)

Since I'm a Kickstarter supporter of the new Daniel Amos album, I just got to hear a rough mix of one of the songs on the upcoming album.

I won't get into too much detail (because I'm not sure how much I'm 'allowed' to share), but listen up, people -- you need this album. End of story. Whether you support the Kickstarter project and get it as a reward or whether you wait till it comes out and buy it then... you need this album.

I would seriously be content with that mix -- the 'rough' mix -- being the final mix on the record. Seriously. It's that good. There is nothing -- nothing -- that will be released this year, in fact, nothing that has been released in the last fifteen years (or more) that can touch this thing. And I've only heard one song.

But until that gets released (eventually...), you can check out a few of their live shows over the years here. (I particularly like the Through The Speakers 1981 show, but the 2011 Phoenix show is pretty good too... "3.5 million songs and the guy wants Sprinkler Head...")

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