08 November 2012

NaNoWriMo, Day 8

I finished out my 3.30 am writing session at 24,771 words. When I woke up again later this morning I crunched the numbers and discovered that in order to finish this thing by 14 November -- which was my goal -- I have to end today with 28,500-some-odd words.


So now I have write 4.5k, memorise a dance, get some choreography done, practice tap, study that Benesh book my dance teacher gave me so I can get it back to her (I'll have to explain that later), make dinner for nine people, and I really should shower already...

As for the story itself, it's, well, not. The thing pretty much consists of tap jargon and White Heart songs. There's also a little something about an old eighties rock band getting back together, but that doesn't write nearly as exciting as it sounds. I'm so desperate for more words that my character broke the fourth wall last night. (And it wasn't just a little crack either -- he pretty much drove a steamroller through it.)

But I'll say say this -- despite the fact that my fingers keep wanting to type Jekyll And Hyde (as in the Petra song), I will love White Heart forever for naming the song Dr Jekyll And Mr Christian. (I mean, I'll love White Heart forever anyway, but this is a thank-you-for-the-word-count-boost kind of love.)

So as I write this (3.17 pm, though I'll probably publish this when I get on the computer later tonight because I don't trust the Blogger app not to mess it up), I'm at approximately 26,000 words.

Two and a half thousand to go before midnight...

(11.00 pm)

I totally did it! I'm all caught up now.

I just put transferred my writing from Lila to the main document on my computer and the tally comes to 29,356 words. (I also managed to make dinner and shower too.) Now I'll probably send a couple of emails and then I really should start memorising that dance already... I've resigned the tap practice till tomorrow. Pretty much everyone else in the house is asleep already and wouldn't be too appreciative of tap dancing now anyway.

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