25 November 2012

NaNoWriMo, Day 24/25

Things learned during today's (well, yesterday's now) noveling session:

If you watch VeggieTales' Josh And The Big Wall, then go write a novel involving a high-powered army commander and two alien shovels, the scene will be eerily reminiscent of the Keep Walking scene in the film -- only without the clever song.

Also, when you spend most of the day listening to White Heart (*cough* Rick Florian), then start writing, you will describe every single character's voice and vocal inflections in great detail. (Especially if the White Heart in question was the Highlands album -- the one with the tricky harmonies in it.)

Also, making a really really disorganised hospital receptionist lazily try to find a file for a man who believes his wife may or may not have been kidnapped actually eats up a lot more words than you'd think.

I now know why I never hear any White Heart on classicchristian247.com when I'm writing (between the hours of 11 pm and 2.30 am) -- they play it at 10 pm. (Learned this when I started my writing sessions earlier than usual tonight. Now that November is almost over...)

And... I just broke 90k! (Total of both novels.) Finally on par with Novel Two for the first time since I started writing the stupid thing -- currently at 34,218. Day 24 (yesterday's) quota was 33,333. Day 25 (are we really that far already?) is about 36,666, but I may try to hit 40k.

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