29 July 2011

Music Day

As a teenager, my mother owned tapes from bands like White Heart, Petra, and PFR.
In other words, she was a rocking metalhead.
That hasn't really left her, either. Even now, when a song with a good beat comes on the radio or if there's a Petra/White Heart/PFR CD in the stereo she cranks up the volume.
A while back, she and I were running some errands in her huge twelve-passenger van, and this song came on the radio.

Title: Here In This Moment
Artist: Beckah Shae
Album: Life
Year: 2010
Label: Shae Shoc Records
iTunes here, YouTube here

So we have a woman with greying hair and a very serious-looking young person in a van the size of Denmark. Odd enough, right?
Now add Here In This Moment cranked up until the doors are literally rattling.
We pulled up to one of the busiest traffic lights in the city, bass thumping, van rattling, and the older woman rocking out in the driver's seat.
It kind of felt good to see the poor man in the car beside us laughing his head off. At least we made his day.

Apologies for not posting something more obscure -- I was going to post this story in itself and thought 'well, I need a music day post anyway...'

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Qzie said...

Oh man, I love this song. :D Your mom sounds cool.