15 July 2011

Music Day

This song, to me, is the perfect example of how a praise chorus should be produced. Even though the lyrics are simple and repeated several times, they're from the heart and they're set against a thoughtfully arranged musical background that cancels out any remaining problem caused the the repetition of the lyrics. So many songs on Christian radio today include the person singing the same line fifteen times to the same unexciting guitar strumming that showed up in his previous twenty-one hits (not to mention the previous five minutes of the current song).
Why listen to what is basically the same song over and over when there is better stuff out there?
That's kind of why I started Music Day. I wanted to show people that there is quality (or just fun) Christian music out there if you're willing to dig a bit for it. Sure, some of it may be an acquired taste (Carman is a good example) but my hope is that you have found (or will find) something you like that may open your eyes to an artist or a subgenre that you didn't know existed before.

Title: He Is Exalted
Artist: Twila Paris
Album: Kingdom Seekers
Year: 1985
Label: Star Song Records
iTunes here and YouTube here.


Qzie said...

Y'know, I've always been kinda "meh" about this song, but this version isn't bad.

Just a recommendation: http://yourheart.bandcamp.com/track/your-heart

Not from the 80s, but you might enjoy it.

Kate said...

I think personally this is my favourite version as well.

Hmm... it was all right. A little mild for my tastes (then again, my tastes change every five minutes), but it wasn't too bad.
I suppose I can't judge too harshly one way or the other though -- I've only listened to it once.