22 July 2011

Music Day

I think this is the funniest song in my entire music library. (And that's saying something when your library includes classic VeggieTales.)
Seriously, the first time my mother and I heard this, I missed half the song because my mother was laughing so hard. Thank goodness I'd had the lyrics in front of me or I would have been thoroughly confused.
It's kind of an exercise in varying rhythm as well... it changes tempo at least a half-dozen times and just when you think the song is over he takes it in a new direction with a different musical flavour. The humour and wildly differing musical themes seem odd coming from the man who performed the radio hits I Am The Way, Back In His Arms Again, You Are A Child Of Mine, and of course Walking Her Home, but he pulls this off wonderfully.

Title: Running Just To Catch Myself
Artist: Mark Schultz
Album: Mark Schultz: Stories & Songs
Year: 2003
Label: Word Records
iTunes here, YouTube here.

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