24 June 2011

Music Day

My sister and I loved this song when it hit the radio and in fact we loved it so much that we were actually saddened as it faded off the playlist (usually I'm glad to see the latest radio 'hit' get the heck off the station because I was sick of it within the first week of its appearance).
We had these toy Barbie telephones, sort of like the tin-can concept only slightly more sophisticated (and pink) and whenever I heard this song come on the radio late at night when we were supposed to be sleeping I would knock on the wall separating my room from hers -- the unofficial 'pick up your phone' signal -- and hold my receiver up to the radio speaker, turning up the stereo as loud as I dared (since our parents' room was directly above me and the ceiling/floor wasn't insulated).

Title: Soldiers
Artist: Out Of Eden
Album: Love, Peace & Happiness
Year: 2004
Label: Gotee Records
iTunes here, YouTube here.

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