10 June 2011

Music Day

You know how every album has the hit singles and the not-radio-single really good tracks and (in some cases) the lame filler tracks and then there's one song that never gets any recognition, it's just another track for the album, but for whatever reason it's amazing?
This is that song on this album. It's catchy but not annoying and it almost requires that you dance to it (or perhaps that's just me).
And it's the perfect beat to kick-start your weekend! (Or to continue it, depending what side of the world you're on.)

Title: Secret Kingdom
Artist: Newsboys
Album: Go
Year: 2006
Label: Inpop Records
Here it is on iTunes, here on YouTube.


Brittney said...

this is kind of cool...I like the instrumentals...

Kate said...

Same here. For some reason this song strikes me as quirky and that's why I love it...