17 June 2011

Music Day

Sincere apologies for the haphazard post but I completely forgot today was Music Day...
I don't actually own this song (yet), but it's on my wish list. I'd forgotten about it until I heard it on the radio earlier this week and then my friend sang it for a presentation yesterday. Like my friend said as she introduced it, maybe it has something to do with the rainy weather lately...

Title: Flood
Artist: Jars Of Clay
Album: Jars Of Clay
Year: 1995
Label: Essential Records
Here's a copy on iTunes and you can watch it on YouTube here.

Note that I'm not certain of the album, year, and record label (I don't trust Wikipedia quite that much and I haven't time to do any further research at the moment), so if you have any corrections, let me know and I'll look into them.

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