24 April 2011

Music Day, Part Two

It isn't rock. But it's intense. It's dramatic. And it's extrapolated from something that really happened (that is to say, based on a true story).

Title: He's Alive
Artist: Don Francisco
Album: Forgiven (and compilations, lots of compilations -- this was a huge song in the Christian music world)
Year: 1977
It's on iTunes here and YouTube here.

To get the full account of what happened, find a Bible (personally I recommend a New King James Version -- it's pretty easy to follow), find a quiet place, and carefully read the following:
Genesis, chapters one through three.
Matthew, chapter one, verses 18-25.
Luke, chapter one, verses 26-38.
Mark, chapter one, verses nine through eleven.
Matthew again, chapters twenty-six through twenty-eight.
Luke, chapters twenty-two through twenty-four.
And John, chapters seventeen through twenty-one.
For clarity, I recommend that you read at least all of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, but the references listed above will give you the basic idea of what happened.

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