20 April 2011

Historical Accuracy Fail

I quite like Facebook's idea of displaying photo albums you've been tagged in from months or even years ago. So often we forget the good times and dwell only on our current depressing situation. Going back to a friend's photo album from nearly a year ago and remembering all the fun you had at a particular event really brightens one's day.
This is what Facebook recommended for me today:

Photo by Kate.
This was taken at West Edmonton Mall and I believe it's meant to be a replica of one of Columbus' ships. My friend and I were there with her youth group and we both spotted this at the same time. (Then, of course, we both had to take pictures.)
It pretty much made my night. You'd think the people in charge of a historical display would know better than to put a plastic IKEA-style trash can on a seventeenth-century ship.


Brittney said...

lol. I'd forgotten about this...still a fail. XD

Kate said...

Me too, until Facebook put a link to the album in the sidebar. You're right though -- still a fail. (But still very funny!)

We should go there again and see if it's still there. :-)