22 April 2011

Music Day, Part One

Today being Good Friday -- the day set aside to really remember Jesus' crucifixion -- I thought this song might be appropriate. It's almost too common, almost to the point of cliche in fact; but for once there's a good reason for its popularity.

Title: Via Dolorosa
Artist: Sandi Patti
Album: Songs From The Heart
Year: 1990
Here it is on iTunes.
There's a live version on YouTube here.

Tune in this Sunday for another excellent (and cheerier) song.


Brittney said...

Because I'm usually too cheap to buy a song unless I know I love it already, I love it when you post a link to youtube. I've actually never heard today's song, by the way. :)

Kate said...

Same here -- thanks for letting me know you appreciate that! I kind of dropped it there for a bit because I was too lazy, but now that I know it's useful, I'll continue. :-)
I was thinking the other day that I should go back to a bunch of those other posts and add YouTube links to them. I might write a post linking to them if I do that.