28 March 2011

One Thousand

I started my first iTunes library in July 2007 on a computer that I'm not even sure works anymore. That music library has since been copied to two other computers (including the Zombie) to continue its expansion and (in part) to two iPods. I'm not sure what the first song was that I ever put into iTunes, but I've narrowed it down to one of three Michael W Smith songs (most likely).
However, I can now tell you what the one thousandth song is -- Do You Hear What I Hear? by Connie Scott. I copied it off the cassette tape and added it to iTunes less than ten minutes ago. It's actually quite exciting to reach that little milestone. Now if only I could get the Zombie working so I can sync the iPod touch and its many remaining gigabytes of free space... (the home of 693 songs; last synchronised on 23 August 2010).

In other news, The Late Great PFR on CD came in the mail today! (You know, the one I stupidly paid thirty dollars for.) Finally I was able to listen to the second half of the album. And I must say, aside from Pray For Rain and Merry Go Round, it didn't seem nearly as good as the first half. Perhaps it was because I was expecting more of the hardcore rock that had pretty well dominated Side A. It'll probably grow on me though; after all, I've only listened to it once.


Brittney Biotite said...

719 for me...although I suspect that I only listen to about 500 of them enough to warrant keeping them...a lot of them are holdovers from my bubblegum pop/ tobymac stage (regrettable). Congrats on reaching 1000 though, and at least your CD wasn't a total waste: you got two songs and a hard copy version.

Kate said...

I'd say I listen to about 850 of my songs on a (somewhat) regular basis -- I've got a few similar holdovers from a three-year ABBA craze. They're a good band musically, I just wish the subject matter hadn't been so explicit on some of their later material.
Thank you though -- I thought that too. The CD also includes a bonus track that apparently wasn't on the cassette so that was a little perk (it would be even better if the track wasn't this lame country thing).