25 March 2011

Music Day

I'll give you a reprieve from the rock tapes this week (mostly because I've scarcely had time to e-mail my relatives about the birthday party we're planning for my grandmother, never mind spend a few hours at a time importing tapes), but be assured there will be a fairly steady stream of rock songs for a few months yet.
So this week I'll introduce you to one of the newest songs in my iTunes library. This is a rare bird -- I hardly listen to anything more current than, say, 1999. (In fact, I own the most songs from the year 1998. Ninety-two of them so far. 1992 was next with 74; followed by 1989 with 66.)

Title: Transcend
Artist: Group 1 Crew
Album: Outta Space Love
Year: 2010
Here it is on iTunes. Here it is on YouTube.

This song (actually, most of this album) is one of those you put in the stereo and crank up. I generally don't like my music too loud, but you can't resist turning up these tracks.

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