11 March 2011

Music Day

Today was a very good day in the Asylum's music world. My father found, while cleaning up his workshop, a suitcase full of old cassette tapes. Some I remembered from my childhood, but most were new and amazing discoveries.
Do you remember my music post on the 28th of January? If you listened to the song, you know that it was rather mellow.
Naturally this would lead one to conclude that PFR (the featured band in the aforementioned post) is a similarly mellow band. However, today I discovered that Great Lengths was the exception rather than the norm. This band was apparently a hard-core rock band; screaming guitar riffs, thumping bass, the whole bit. I daresay they rival the Christian-rock great Petra.
I realise I posted a PFR song fairly recently, but this one is definitely becoming a favourite. Don't expect anything remotely resembling Great Lengths though.
Title: Pour Me Out
Artist: PFR
Album: Them and several 'Greatest Hits' compilations
Year: 1996
It's on iTunes here and YouTube here. I hereby give permission to do a full-out air guitar while listening to this.

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