21 January 2011

This Week's Gem From Kate's Music Library

Terribly sorry for the late post, today felt like Saturday to me...
Anyway though, you simply can't help but get chills when you listen to this song in the proper mindset (or maybe it's because I tend to associate majestic mountain photos with it -- my first significant exposure to this song was while making a slideshow to it which included some gorgeous mountain-climbing photos, similar to this one... only far more inspiring).

Photo by Kate.
Title: 'For The Sake Of The Call'

Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman

Year: 1990

Album: For The Sake Of The Call

Here it is on iTunes. Here's a version of it on YouTube.

My recommendation: turn it up. You can't get the full effect unless this fills the room (especially after the 3.26 mark -- the chorus/background singers are stunning).

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