14 January 2011

This Week's Gem From Kate's Music Library

This week I am very excited to be able to direct you to this portion of the iTunes Store. I have been waiting for two years now for this band to make it onto the Store, and at last it has! One album is still missing, but the first three (which, admittedly, are all better than the fourth) are all there. My father has them on vinyl, but unfortunately my attempt at converting them to MP3 files a few years ago failed miserably (primarily because the record player we were using was awfully persnickety and barely worked at all).
The band has a refreshing sound -- most definitely not the same recycled riffs every three minutes that you get on the radio. Some compare their sound with the likes of ABBA, and I have to agree. When you match something reminiscent of ABBA's sound with non-suggestive, even hope-filled lyrics, you have something special.
This song was my favourite back when I was first introduced to the band.

Title: 'Breaking Through'
Artist: Silverwind
Album: By His Spirit
Year: 1985

Buy it from iTunes here. (I highly recommend the entire album though -- it's their best one. Then again, I tend to recommend the entire album from which all of these songs are taken...)

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