20 January 2011

Broken Wings

There's a girl with wings. Let's call her Alida. She spends her days soaring through the sky, carefree, happy. Another girl comes along and befriends her.
Together they fly, best friends in the world.
One day though, the girl deliberately tricks Alida into crashing hard into the rocks. She laughs cruelly and flies away, leaving Alida caught in the rocks.
After days of struggle Alida finally gets free. She's unable to fly, her wings are torn and broken. So she wanders alone among the desolate rocks for a long, long time.
Finally someone takes her in, saying he's going to fix her wings. After some thought, she decides to give him a chance.
He earns her trust, pretending, quite convincingly, to help her. Indeed, her wings slowly begin to heal. She sees nothing but his clever disguise of tender care.
After a time though, he leads her to a cliff, pushes her roughly over the edge, and tells her to fly.
She can't, she's not ready. She falls off the edge and starts to spiral downward.
He watches her for a few moments, then turns and walks away.
She can't fly, her wings haven't had enough time to heal properly. Now she's falling, down to the sharp jagged rocks below, down to certain death.
There's no one to stop her. No one to catch her.

Found in some old papers of mine, dated 31 December 2007. How prophetic it is too. ~ Kate

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