18 October 2010

My Top Ten Writing Songs (18 October 2010 Edition)

With NaNoWriMo fast approaching, I thought I might list some of my favourite songs to write to (when I'm not dancing to them). Naturally it varies according to the genre of the story and the particular scene I'm working on (not to mention my mood), but these are a few standbys... (in no rigid order)

10. 'This Time' -- David Meece

9. 'Alive' -- Hawk Nelson

8. 'How To Save A Life' -- The Fray

7. 'Existence' -- Kevin Max

6. 'My Last Amen' -- downhere

5. 'While You Were Sleeping' -- Casting Crowns

4. 'Sara' -- Jacob Moon

3. 'Breath Of Heaven (Mary's Song)' -- Amy Grant

2. 'The Promise' -- Michael Card

1. 'Stay Strong' -- Newsboys

Truthfully, this could be the Top 704 Writing Songs, but for simplicity's sake I limited it to ten and picked a few largely at random (coincidentally, 704 is the number of songs currently in my iTunes library). (Don't laugh, that's all I can afford at this point. If money was no object it would almost certainly be over 1 000.)

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