09 October 2010

The Dreams of Childhood

I haven't updated this in longer than I thought. Terribly sorry.
Anyway, the novel I was writing did get finished in a month (by some miracle... all I will say is thank goodness I had the novel backed up to a USB drive). 51,200-some words by 31 August. That makes me the author of four novels, with another one planned for November (not entirely decided on which plot though).
My interests are being pulled elsewhere, however. Writing is still my primary escape, but dancing is a definite contender as of late.
I've been dancing for years (nearly ten years of ballet under my proverbial belt), and it's always been something I've really enjoyed, but now I'm giving serious consideration to making it my career... somehow.
The problem is, I doubt very much I'm at a level to perform with an official dance company, and even if I was at a professional level, there aren't really any opportunities around here to do that.
So I've got a different idea, however, it's far out there. I'll likely spend the next year working out the kinks in the idea itself before even attempting to move past that. I'm almost afraid to, though, because this, indirectly, has been my dream since the age of seven. If it doesn't work, a lifetime of anticipation will be shattered.
Is it better to make an attempt at seeing one's childhood dream realised or is it better to leave the notion untouched, to not find out it isn't possible and thus keep the dream alive in one's mind?

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