14 October 2010

Doing choreography ...or trying to.

So in order to see if I really want to pursue this dance idea that I have, I'm going to try my hand at choreographing dances to a few of my favourite songs.
The thing is, there's next to nothing out there in the form of choreography resources. Writing the choreography on paper, that is (actually dancing it and figuring it out that way is no problem). I've searched the library, I've tried several differently worded Google searches, and nothing comes to light. I know at least one form of choreography notation exists, but I've no idea where one could learn it. So I'm writing it in a rather cryptic format that even I struggle to understand when I review it two days later.
There has to be a better way to do this.

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Brittney Biotite said...

I wish I could comment on the blog as a whole, but since I can't, this will have to do. I think it's great that your posts are about things you're passionate about. It really shows. It's really cool how you mix writing with how you feel about stuff. I actually find it really interesting to read. :)