20 September 2013

Music Day - The Midget...

Another new favourite. I love this one. Soft, sparse, and gentle but just a little bit haunted... the softness really makes the song. Sure, you could scream this lyric, a la Skillet, but it wouldn't be nearly as lovely.

This is perhaps one of my favourite vocals (so far) from Terry. You have to hear it to get it -- you can't really put words to layers and subtext like this. He may not have the razor-sharp, crystal-clear quality of Rick Florian, but dude can pack nuance into a vocal. Holy smokes.

The lyrical build is fascinating -- midget, speck, molecule, almost nothing, invisible but not silent, a commanding presence even in the absence of physical representation.

The little bitty speck bit is perhaps my favourite part because the whispered, breathy vocal gets slightly processed, giving it a more haunted, empty sound. Parts of the song remind me of the title track from Dig Here Said The Angel.

Title: The Midget, The Speck, And The Molecule
Artist: The Swirling Eddies
Album: The Midget, The Speck, And The Molecule
Year: 2007
Label: Stunt Records
iTunes here; this isn't on YouTube (are you serious?). Buy it from the artist here. (Also, if you go here, they have the most adorable 'Midget' buttons, featuring the 'midget' artwork from the album cover. So cute.)
Lyrics here.

Can you see me through your glass darkly
I'm an old hitchhiker...

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