06 September 2013

Music Day - Ghost Of The Heart

This is such a great song. It's got that acoustic 'flavour' to it (though it's not actually completely acoustic), but it has such a great groove to it. Especially through headphones.

This is one of the first Daniel Amos songs I owned (there were three). I actually only bought it because I read that this was the track being played backwards to create the soundscape for their song Hollow Man, and I wanted to hear what the original sounded like.

Like I said though, this sounds very stripped-down and acoustic, but if you give it a careful listen (or several), you'll hear that it's really quite complex. I really like the acoustic picking on this one. That and the bass groove absolutely make the song. (It's also funny listening to live recordings of them doing this song with Jerry Chamberlain taking care of the female vocal in the bridge. He does it pretty well, but it's still kind of funny.)

Also, I have nearly an entire tap dance for this one. Nearly. Formations are all figured out, and so is all the group work. It's just some soloist stuff and the footwork in the (what else?) guitar solo. I know kind of the look and sound I want, it's just a matter of figuring out how to create it.

Title: Ghost Of The Heart
Artist: Daniel Amos
Album: ¡Alarma!
Year: 1981
Label: Stunt Records
iTunes here; buy the deluxe edition of the album from DA's website here. (Trust me, it's worth the money. There's not a miss on this thing.)
For YouTube, you'll have to settle for this and this because apparently the studio version doesn't exist on YouTube, only the live ones... The first one is from 1982, a year after the album came out. It's significantly more 'rock-y' than the original, but you get the general idea. The second is from 2011, and it's actually closer to the original than the 1982 one (though the groove still isn't as prominent).

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