19 June 2013

A Most Excellent Evening

Today was a very good day. Actually, mostly just this past hour or so, since I checked my Facebook (though I did have a ballet class this morning. That was pretty great too).

Item One: White Heart media galore! Videos and pictures abound! Apparently they did the photo shoot today. For once, I was actually glad to see pictures in my news feed.
(Some links for you all: White Heart Facebook page. Videos one, two, and three (all YouTube). Note that the videos probably aren't really that interesting unless you're a fan.)

Item Two: The long-awaited cover art to the new Daniel Amos album has been revealed! And as if that wasn't cool enough...

Item Three: My photography is featured in it! It's not the main picture, but the point stands that my photography is featured on the freaking COVER ART of the new Daniel Amos album!

This isn't some hole-in-the-wall local band, people, this is Daniel freaking Amos! And they apparently liked my photo enough to put it on their new album's freaking cover. A cover that will be seen by thousands of people the world over for years and years to come.

(I may be just a tiny bit excited about this... I can't even imagine the excitement of the guy who did the main piece.)

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