15 February 2013

Music Day

Just when I'm starting to run out of music to buy on my wish list, I find this:

Pretty sure my iTunes wish list alone has doubled in the past twenty-four hours. Music Day is about to become insanely awesome (pending another iTunes card).

Today's is kind of thrown together (I type this at 10.48 pm and have yet to pick a song), so said awesomeness will probably be starting next Friday.

So... *scrolls through iTunes madly* ... how have you all been? Any cool stuff going on in life? Any moments that just made your day? Any life-altering realisations?

Okay, found a song.

This is, I think, one of this man's finest vocals, both solo and with Petra. It's one of my favourite performances from him, at any rate. (The guitar work is pretty good too.)

Title: Can't Get Away
Artist: John Schlitt
Album: Unfit For Swine
Year: 1996
Label: Word
iTunes here; YouTube here.
Support the artist -- CD available on his store here. (Full lyrics, production credits, and album preview also available on this page.) I personally have purchased several items from this store at different times, and the service has always been excellent. The CDs are top quality too... no namby-pamby Staples-special blank discs with a cheesy single-sheet track listing in a cheap case. These things are store-quality.

So there you go. Tune in next week (assuming I happen to remember what day it is on Friday) for music that's new and exciting in my world...

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