21 January 2013

National Choreography Month - Day 21

Still working on Fly Eagle Fly. This third chorus is a pain the neck. I had nearly the entire dance sketched out for myself in my head before I even started -- except for the third chorus and the synth ending.

But up until that point, it was going pretty well. Of course, I would have to see it on stage to truly see if I succeeded with my 'story,' but I think it's turning out rather well. My only real problem with it so far is that there are far too many flying hops. I had the same problem with Climb The Hill earlier this month; so I'm thinking taking flying hops out of my choreography vocabulary entirely for a couple of months may be in order. Nothing gets boring in a dance faster than the same thing over and over again, and nothing is more difficult to learn as a performer than a half-dozen barely-existent variations on exactly the same thing. And anyway, the limitation will force me to be more creative.

As of right now, I'm stuck quite firmly in the third chorus -- the line Up into the sky... One dancer is holding her pose, and I have no clue what the other one is doing.

The problem now is that if I'm going to stay on par, I have to finish this dance by 11.59 tonight. I have one minute and forty-four seconds to go. I think the most I've ever choreographed in a day was that 1.16 on Day One -- and that was a soloist. Here I'm working with two dancers doing different -- but complimentary -- things. It takes at least four times as long to choreograph a phrase for two people as it does for one, and even longer when the two are supposed to be kind of feeding off each other as I want them to here.

*deep breath*

So. One minute forty-four seconds. In twenty-three hours and ten minutes.

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