13 January 2013

Name Change

So I'm changing the blog's name. Thoughts From The Asylum doesn't accurately reflect me anymore -- I came up with that title while in the depths of delusional depression. It seemed somewhat poetic to me then, but kind of ridiculous and contrived now. I'm a different person now. I have a purpose in life and I know there are people who care about me. And now that I'm focusing more on learning about God and using my gifts to serve Him, rather than how much I think life sucks and everybody hates me, I thought I'd find a less bitter/more appropriate title...

So within the next few days, this blog will begin to be called The Edge Of The Dream. (Points if you know where that comes from... if you've been reading for the past two or three months, you'll probably be able to take a good guess.) Because that's where I am -- the edge of a beautiful dream that God has put in my soul. (There is an actual story behind this choice, but that's for another day... preferably a day when I'm not terribly behind in National Choreography Month.)

For the time being, the blog's actual URL will stay the same, however, I'm considering changing that too. I'll let you know before I do, though.

Did you guess where it comes from?

Here's the source.

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