26 October 2012

Music Day

Just discovered this song thanks to my seven-year-old sister (whose nickname could very accurately be 'Walking Dance Party'). I was already kind of familiar with the band but not the song, and dude, if you ever need a feel-good dance song, this is a keeper. (And I could hook you up with the Walking Dance Party's playlist -- just keep in mind that she is only seven years old.)

Part of the reason I love this song so much is that the first time I heard it I choreographed pretty much the entire chorus. In one listen.

Oh, did I mention that said choreography was in tap? (Yay!) Hopefully I'll be able to choreograph the rest of it pretty quickly even with my limited experience.

Anyway, here you are. Kick off that awesome weekend.

Title: Snazzy
Artist: Go Fish
Album: Snazzy
Year: 2007
Label: Go Fish Kids Records
iTunes here; YouTube here.

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