10 August 2012

Music Day

This month I'm going to feature only White Heart songs. Because White Heart is my favourite band and August is my birth month and since it's the crappiest birth month of the year I need something to cheer me up... right?


This comes mainly because I NOW OWN ALL THE WHITE HEART ALBUMS!

Possibly sometime this month I'll make a list of the albums in order of fantasticness, but for now I'm just going to feature one song.

I think this is my favourite from this album. I love the melody in the chorus (It's a mask you wear to hide...) This also would have been one of the very first times White Heart fans of the day heard just what Rick Florian was capable of as a vocalist. (This was his first album.) And seriously, is that keyboard bit between the first chorus and the second verse not the most awesomely retro thing ever? (Okay okay, maybe not the most, but it's up there.)

Think of this as the White Heart version of Petra's Altar Ego (from Back To The Street, same year. And now that I think about it, that was also John Schlitt's first album with the band. But I digress).

Title: Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Christian
Artist: White Heart
Album: Don't Wait For The Movie
Year: 1986
Label: Sparrow Records
iTunes here; live version (complete with drum solo and bass solo) on YouTube here.

(In case you were wondering -- I seriously did not see that there were five Fridays this month until after I decided to make it White Heart month. Honest. And anyway, I missed one, so there's only four now.)

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