20 January 2012

Music Day

A new favourite of mine.

This band's prominence on Christian radio at the time this album was released would lead one (myself included) to believe that they were more of a pop group (at best), or, more likely, an 'adult contemporary' group. Something like Michael W. Smith then, or perhaps a slightly edgier Casting Crowns today.

The more I expand my Christian-rock horizons, though, and the more I listen to the band's heyday records, the more I realise that this stuff is actually straight-up rock, though of course Christian radio at the time only entertained the 'milder' cuts.

Shame this song never hit the airwaves though (at least not that I'm aware of). The guitar/kazoo mix in here is absolutely brilliant.

Title: It's All Who You Know
Artist: Newsboys
Album: Take Me To Your Leader
Year: 1996
Label: Star Song
iTunes here; YouTube here.

And after the fall
After all of our strivings are dust
Even so
Good for us
It's all who you know...

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