13 January 2012

Music Day

Hi everyone!

So you're probably (hopefully) starting to wonder why on earth I haven't posted anything more than Music Day lately.

Well, this is why:

Photo by Kate

Despite appearances, no, I didn't upload the wrong photo. This is a small part of what I've been working on lately.

That's choreography -- the (rough draft) intro to today's featured song, in fact.

See, my search for choreography resources was not entirely a waste. I found a book on eBay, Dance Notation For Beginners, and bought it.

Lately I've finally gotten around to seriously reading it rather than just skimming it every once in a while and starting to apply everything I've learnt so that it sticks in my mind and becomes natural (It's working too -- the other day my dance teacher asked us to put our feet in fifth, left foot front, and right away I thought of how it would be notated, though I'd only reached that part earlier this week).

It's a little confusing as the notation I'm learning is written as if you were watching the dancer perform it from behind. Prior to this I was writing little stick figures on a musical stave and was writing them as if watching them from the front -- that is, as if I were a member in the audience. It wasn't particularly precise though. It really only served as a memory aid so that I could later remember the dances and write them in a more common notation. Now that I'm learning 'official' notation I hope to break out of the habit of stick figures and thus speed up the whole process (it's astounding how time-consuming it can be to draw basic stick figures).

Now, about the song.

This was the song that sold me on classicchristian247.com the night I was introduced to it. I don't remember what the first song was that I heard, but this was the second.

I already knew the artist -- my father has quite a few of their records. Though I didn't recognise the song, knowing the artist, I think, helped solidify my allegiance to the station.

Over the next few weeks I heard the song several times. Each time I caught a few more of the words, committed another portion of the tune to my memory, before I finally looked it up on iTunes and bought a copy for myself.

This reminds me of my own nostalgia. The child in their father's vehicle listening to their parents talk... remembering those days with fondness and with gratitude that they got to experience them.

And all set to a now-nostalgic eighties pop sound.

This song sets me daydreaming, quite simply. It reminds me of all those good times of my own childhood, just as this very style of music was falling out of favour.

Title: Every Moment
Artist: DeGarmo & Key
Album: Streetlight
Year: 1986
Label: Power Discs
iTunes here; YouTube here.

I remember riding in the back seat
Of my daddy's Chevrolet car...

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