02 November 2011

The Doubleheader, Day Two

I've already started to forget what day it is. Since Camp NaNoWriMo in August I'd actually managed to whittle my average going-to-bed time down to one in the morning... and since 31 October it's gone right back to 4 am. It's really messing up my word count -- staying twice as far ahead to accommodate 100,000 words is difficult enough without having no idea what day it is.

But my computer says it's 2 November, so that what I'll go with.

Day Two.

Quota per novel is approximately 3,334 for Day Two; 6,668 collectively. Currently my collective total is 6,738.

Novel One: 3,388.
Novel One got off to an excruciatingly slow start. Proof: less than one page into the story my characters were having a tender, borderline romantic moment. I tend to resort to romance only when I have absolutely no other ideas.
It's causing no end of problems now, because those characters were meant to be just friends -- almost like brother and sister. Having that little flavour of concealed 'liking' in there has really stifled the relationship.

Novel Two: 3,350.
The first two pages went quite well. Personally I think I set up the main problem beautifully (or at least it will be beautiful once revised).
And then the story stalled.
I want so badly to cut to the scenes of Alison hidden away, but I want to heighten the drama more -- as of right now the reader doesn't know if Alison's alive or dead. I'd like to drag that out as long as possible (if only to pad the word count)... without alluding to the brother she's never heard of.

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