24 October 2011

What If

What if we never saw each other again?

What if that thought was in the back of our minds every time we associated with anyone? What if we kept in mind the fact that a sudden health problem or car wreck or wayward bullet or freak accident could take either you or your present company out... permanently? What if we fully realised that the human lifetime is so so very short and we have no guarantees? What if we spent every day feeding the legacy we want to leave behind? What if that legacy wasn't power, or money, or fame but having thousands of people come to your funeral and say from the depths of their hearts "I was blessed beyond words by something this person did for me"?

What if we realised that even if I survive tomorrow, my friend, my brother/sister, my cousin, my grandparents, the neighbour, the person in front of me at church may not?

What if we realised that the computer is always there but people are not marked with expiration dates like milk? What if we made the most of every second we have in each other's presence? What if... what if you let someone know you love them? Sacrifice your pride, your carefully-maintained reputation, your time and work at adding a splash of colour and warmth to someone's life.

Because what if there is no tomorrow for one or both of you?

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