29 May 2011

Tough Crowd

Bible study night.
It's a small crowd today -- Youth Conference Edmonton is apparently still ongoing and of course all the popular kids are there. But the group that remains is mostly comprised of those I have fairly deep ties with. It's almost like the old days.
Toward the end, the leader explained a bit about the impending camping trip the group is going on. Even though she has previously made a rule that no non-Bible study members are allowed on the trip, she is breaking the rule.
From behind me JJ, ever quick, hollers "Stone her!" We all laugh.
But this is a worthwhile exception, she explains after the laughter has died down. This is her nephew, aged thirteen, whose home has burnt down, whose parents are going through a messy divorce, who has almost given up on life. This kid needs a getaway. She goes into a lot of other details, but that's the gist of it.
When she finally finishes reiterating she says, "So I think you understand why I'm breaking the rule."
She looks around the room. A few people give little nods. No objections... for a moment.
Then from behind me comes the cry again.
"Stone her!"

Good old JJ.


Cass said...

Hey there! I found your blog through your comment on someone else's blog, and I'm glad. I like the stories you tell, and I reeeeeally like the background. :D

If you're interested, my blog is at http://mynameisaverage.blogspot.com ... Keep it up! :)

Kate said...

Welcome! I'm glad you enjoy it!
I will definitely have to go check out your blog. :-)