27 May 2011

Music Day

This song is very much off the beaten track of 'normalcy'. I mean, it was recorded in the late 1980s (and take into account who the artist is), but even so, this is a fair departure from 'conventional' arrangements (at least in the Christian music world).

It starts out with a light, airy flute alongside birds chirping. The flute gives way to the drum machine that carries the beat, simply and unobtrusively, through most of the rest of the song. The lyrics, however, are more serious than the birds or the inherent eighties dorkiness of the drum machine would suggest. Therein lies the genius of the song -- there is a whole plane of reality that we can't see; that we're barely aware of...

Title: A Witch's Invitation
Artist: Carman
Album: Revival In The Land
Year: 1989
Label: Benson Records
It's on iTunes and YouTube (check out his mailbox -- so hilariously dorky. Also notice how there conveniently happens to be a trash can on his yard).

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