25 February 2011

Music Day

I remember when this song first hit the radio, back when they actually played decent music on the local station and they knew where the boundaries were that separated 'fun song' from 'if I hear this one more time...'
It was my sister's favourite for a while and my parents bought the cassette tape. We would still have that cassette too, but it was lost in the my car accident.
This brings up an interesting little tidbit I discovered that I'd like to share with you. If you happen to be wondering if you are a true music nerd, here's a way to test it.
First, you get into a severe accident, total your car, nearly lose your own life. Second, discover that you lost the cassette you were listening to (which, naturally, happens to be your current favourite) as a result of this.
If you cry harder over the loss of the cassette than the loss of your car, you are a true music nerd. Congratulations! Now you have to hope the album is on the iTunes Store. Luckily for me it was.

Title: All Around The World
Artist: Raze
Album: Power
Year: 1999
This song used to be on YouTube, but unfortunately it's not anymore. So just buy it on iTunes here.

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