11 February 2011

Music Day

This is my absolute favourite song right now. I can't get enough of it. It's like a time machine all neatly wrapped up in a package of five minutes and twenty-two seconds, taking me back to my childhood listening to this song (among many, many others) with my dad. He's the one who turned me into a music nerd in the first place. (Now you know who to blame.)
Not only is the song good (or perhaps that's just my nostalgic bias talking), the cover art is fun to look at. I think I can honestly say it's my favourite album cover. Something about that retro sci-fi look fascinates me.
Title: 'Holding On (First Love)'
Artist: The Imperials
Album: ...This Year's Model
Year: 1987

I couldn't find it on YouTube (although I did find that if you type 'The Imperials' into the YouTube search box you get nothing but Star Wars clips, regardless of what song/album titles you type afterwards), but here it is on iTunes (assuming your version of iTunes is working better than mine has been lately).
Bonus Song: If you'd really like an eighties' kick, go to this album on the iTunes Store and once you've bought Holding On (First Love), buy the second song, Fallin'. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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